Job Details
13-0107 Chief Water Plant Operator
DEFINITION: Under the general direction of the Treatment Operations Supervisor for water, this employee is responsible for assisting with developing and implementing the operations plan for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plants. Emphasis is placed on coordinating process control and assisting with implementing routine plant maintenance performed by operations staff. This position fulfills the role of an additional Operator in Responsible Charge for the water treatment operations.

PRINCIPAL DUTIES: A Chief Operator is expected to directly assist the supervisor with operations planning, process control decisions, and treatment related projects. The primary role of the Chief Operator is to support the Treatment Operations Supervisor by helping provide oversight of day-to-day operations. Support will include helping with many routine operations coordination tasks such as chemical inventory monitoring and bulk chemical ordering, reviewing data, designing techniques to observe and improve operations, and other day-to-day tasks requiring a high level of water treatment expertise. The work emphasis for this position is to assist with achieving operations goals and objectives. The employee is expected to collaborate directly with the supervisor in the operation and maintenance of treatment facilities and infrastructure including staff training, project planning, oversight of treatment projects, and contractor/vendor coordination. Examples of tasks and duties for which experience must be demonstrated include but are not limited to the following: Assist with planning the daily operation and maintenance of the water treatment plants. Provide daily direction to staff as needed in a facilitative manner, and assist Treatment Operations Supervisor in operation and maintenance activities to ensure that the plant and associated facilities including residuals treatment comply with applicable standards. Monitor the operations of the plant using laboratory, maintenance, and operational reports. Ensure that all plant activities are properly documented. Confer with operators, mechanics, and supervisors regarding process control and maintenance issues. Provide input to Treatment Operations Supervisor and Maintenance Supervisor so that preventive, routine and corrective maintenance activities are identified and completed by maintenance and operations staff.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Work is performed outside and inside both night and day shifts, under varying and extreme weather conditions; job includes working rotating shifts and working weekends and holidays. Work includes exposure to noise, dust, gases and oils, solvents and chemicals. Coordination of eyes, hands, legs and body is needed. Position requires the ability to work under time constraints and in confined spaces and the use of respirators. The candidate for this position must be able to meet the physical requirements necessary to do the job.

QUALIFICATIONS: Any combination of education and experience equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade with course work in mathematics, chemistry, and biology, and four yrs. of experience in water treatment. An Associate’s degree in distribution, collection, water or wastewater operations, environmental sciences, or related technical studies is preferred. Desire demonstrated skills working with employees in a facilitative role to analyze and solve treatment related problems. Past operations leadership or supervisory experience is desired. Special Qualifications: Possession of a Colorado Class A Water Treatment Plant Operator Certificate or ability to obtain within one testing cycle from the date of hire.

DEADLINE: CITY APPLICATION is required. All applications must be received by the Human Resources Dept, 350 Kimbark St, Longmont, CO 80501 no later than 5:00pm Friday June 14, 2013. For more information please call (303) 651-8609.